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Business Analysis and Testing


Whether the delivery approach is Agile, Waterfall or somewhere in-between, our consulting team can help with specialist analysis and testing skills. We are both Risk and Value driven, with a flexible approach and a willingness to work in an evolutionary manner.


Architecture and Software Development


We are agile, responsive to change, and work collaboratively with you. We improve your execution strategy across business and IT functions. We use architecture to drive agile business transformation. Through a highly engaging and collaborative development process we help businesses to really understand their needs and determine how agile development can be an integral part of the strategy.

Program and Project Management


Good leadership is essential to ensure that business value is delivered on time and within budget. Within a single agile team this responsibility is typically shared between team members. However for large scale integration or waterfall projects there is often the need for roles that focuses on leadership, co-ordination and dependency management.

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